The Borg-Technahck are a race of aliens that split off from the Borg and maintained identity in their collective hive. They have attacked Earth. Can Evan, a recently assimillated BT decide if Earth should be still protected?

The Time Warrior, Evan Rallasphire, has travelled to the Asgard. He is facing a diminishment that could kill him. This is a story known as The Fall of the Time Warrior.

A Quest in Time: A Fantasy Novel. Alexandra is the Chosen One, facing an opponent from a distant dimension that threatens reality. Will she prevail?

The Eternal Julie Newman: Don't remind Julie that she lives forever. She does live forever. This is the story of how it happened.

Rayleh Oonsah lives on planet Vulcan. She will travel to the mountain village of K'tarnah, and utimately re-shape her own world. But does it matter? That's the timeless wisdom.