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We sell cosmos and time travel themed ebooks, stories, and graphic novels based on parallel universe theories and the principles of scientific philosophy.


The story of the Time Warrior Series is simple. Gifted with cosmic perception,Evan Rallasphire views life in a totality and clearly the perspective of intuition. Imbued with the powers of Cosmos and with this cosmic intuition he harnesses a power in transportation to other epochs in Earth history and other worlds in time and space. He documents his journeys in stories and comics.

Cosmos Philosophy

Origins of the Time Warrior

Find philosophy and a great first issue graphic novel.




Julie Newman- Female Time Warrior

A friend of Evan Rallasphire, she is a woman who

sees the world through a unique lens- forever.



In a world where superstitions and xenophobia rule a religious world, cosmos philosophy embraces the truth of life on other worlds.