Adventures of Krystallahn

Evan Rallasphire, inventor of a virtual reality device, is sent away in his sleep cycle to another human like planet called Krystallahn. Not sure if its virtual, he prepares for the worst, as he discovers his own world has been destroyed. The psychological terror begins, and no one left to understand. What will befall of Evan on Krystallahn? Find out! TBA

 The Beta Missions

This is the story of Evan B.Rallasphire, an astronaut. He travels in a prison ship to the world of Ktarnah, a Vulcan like race.TBA

Natalie Cooper Greats

The complete great works of astronaut and adventurer Natalie Cooper, a good friend of Jeremy Evan Rallasphire. TBA.

Planet of the Simmeans

Jeremy Evan Rallasphire, an astronaut, travels in time with his crew to the Planet of the Simmeans, an ape-like society. TBA.



 Sheila Kranzer is assimillated  by the Borg-Technahck, a split off society from the original Borg Prime.

 Their individual hive conscioussness is governed by a council intelligence.

 Can she find a way to maintain her identity or be a slave to the BT? Find out!